The Extent Of The Problem, Part 1

As the credits roll I take a quick look at the games shelf. Now Assassin’s Creed II is out of the way (more on that soon) I realise that I’ve basically finished all the PS3 games that I had decided were worth persevering with. Good job me. Well not quite actually because upstairs on that other shelf and, by the same token, in that virtual shelf that is the Steam games launcher are a horrifying number of PC games yet to be properly explored. My PCs been somewhat neglected as a gaming platform of late. Below is a highlights package of the games I really need to find the time for. At this point I’m basically fishing for suggestions; if you spot a game on this list that is pretty much essential to play then let me know.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Action-oriented RTS that is somewhat light on the ‘S’. I’m not expecting much from this, but a child-Phil once spent a huge amount of time playing its predecessor Tiberian Sun and the next game in the series, released this year, looks interesting.

Red Alert 3 – Action-oriented RTS that is somewhat light on the ‘S’. Is it wrong to want to play a game solely because of the cutscenes? I know it sounds stupid, but check out the intro:

Also the game sounds pretty fun too.

World In Conflict – Action-oriented RTS that is somewhat light on the ‘S’. Ok, so a theme may be developing. I seem to neglect strategy games these days, even the ones that don’t really require much strategic thinking. This one’s set in an alternate cold-war and has pretty explosions.

Dawn of War II – Action-oriented RTS that… Oh, enough of that. I actually got a good way into this but put it down again after being completely annihilated during a mission. That wasn’t really fair as my demise was clearly my own stupid fault. Since then the game has added a Last Stand co-op mode that looks pretty good.

A screen I didn't see too often.

Red Faction Guerrilla – The demo for this was terrible but, after noticing all the positive reviews that advised ignoring the terrible demo, I ran across a copy cheap enough that I took the risk. It appears to be about hammers… hammers on Mars.

Section 8 – Bought this during a Christmas sale. I’ve briefly dipped into the single player campaign which seems to have some interesting ideas at work, most notably that a single standard enemy can still be a formidable opponent. Online multiplayer seems to be the real meat of the game, though, but I’ve not yet checked in to the servers to see if they’re still active.

Deus Ex – There’s a giant list of gaming classics that I’ve not got round to playing yet. As something of a New Year Resolution I’ve picked two from that list to finish in 2010. This is the first of these and was recently voted as PC Gamer’s greatest game of all time.

Planescape: Torment – The second of my must-play classics. Generally regarded by the people who know about this sort of thing to have the greatest story in gaming. Now I think about it I probably couldn’t have picked two worse games in terms of length.

Kings Bounty: The Legend – Clearly that week of An Hour With posts didn’t work because most of the games featured still sit on about an hours play time. This one’s sitting on about an hour and a half so, all things considered, has done pretty well.

I'll admit my motivation for playing this decreased dramatically when the last of my bears died.

The Witcher – Depending on who you talk to this was either fantastic or a terrible, buggy mess. I like what I’ve heard about the depth of the moral decisions within the game. What I’ve heard about the sexual conquest card collecting mechanic leaves me a lot less enthusiastic.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl – Depending on who you talk to this was either fantastic or a terrible, buggy mess (hooray for trends). I’ve mitigated this somewhat by installing the 2009 Complete Mod, which provides noticeable improvements without completely changing the original experience.

Dragon Age: Origins – I’ve reached a familiar point. I now understand the systems that govern Dragon Age a lot better and I’m starting to wonder if I should restart with a slightly tweaked character. This wouldn’t be a large hindrance, as I’m only a few hours in, plus it would give me a chance to change my character’s hair so that she doesn’t look like 90% of the women in the game.

Much bigger than the Darkspawn problem is the problem of the unimaginative barbers.

If all this looks bad, you should see my pile of unread books.


2 Responses to “The Extent Of The Problem, Part 1”

  1. 21/01/2010 at 08:32

    I feel your pain. I myself have a horrifyingly long list of games in my Steam “favorites” list, which is where I keep all the games I still need to play. And RTS games make up a large portion of that list, basically because I don’t like them. I started playing DoW2 and RA3, but I gave up on both because I lost and didn’t feel like starting the level all over again. World in Conflict, same thing, though that was a while ago.

    Anyway, I’d like to point out that The Witcher is no longer a buggy mess, unless you’re foolish enough not to install the latest patches and the enhanced edition. It’s also the best RPG in a long time, even surpassing DAO, in my opinion. About the sex cards, don’t take them too seriously. You don’t HAVE to collect them after all.

    STALKER, Deus Ex and PS:T are three games I started, and despite them being pretty damn good, I never managed to finish them. I guess I’ve lost the patience I had during my younger years. STALKER was just too clunky and confusing (what am I supposed to do now? Why did that mission fail all of a sudden?), Deus Ex took too long to get off the ground and felt old, PS:T had endless walls of text. But I fully intend to finish all three before I die…

    • 2 octaeder
      22/01/2010 at 17:19

      You know, I tried using my Steam favourites list to catalogue all the games I hadn’t finished, but it just made the issue more obvious. Now most of them are hidden away in the ‘not installed’ section where I can effectively forget about them.

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