Audiosurf's Greatest Level?

In an effort to break up the giant walls of text that this blog is predominantly comprised of I’ll be throwing up the odd short and simple post to highlight something specific I want to mention. Think of these as casual posts, to use a gaming metaphor I’m sure to regret in about an hour or so.

Clearly one of the features of Audiosurf is that it would be impossible to see every ‘level’ that it had to offer. You work with the music you’ve got on your hard-drive and while a lot of songs may produce a memorable experience because of how much you love the music, instances of tracks that provides a truly excellent course to ride are few and far between. I’d originally intended to do a Match-3 feature on great Audiosurf courses but, honestly, I’m yet to find one that comes close to rivalling Monkey Bee from Damon Albarn’s Chinese opera side project Monkey: Journey to the West.

The three phases of the song sync up with Audiosurf’s different gradients impressively. The start of the course is uphill, a pretty relaxed affair offering no real challenge. In the second phase, which kicks in at 2:40 of the above video, you get a higher tempo flat surface that bounces along to the electronic drum hits. At this point the collectible notes are perfectly spaced to practically fill the grid. Around the 3:50 mark the guitar hits and the track goes mental (this is also the point my video capture software freaks out for a few seconds). Here you get a constant descent, littered with tricky to avoid greys and dangerous, but tempting, collectibles. It’s complete fluke that this was the run I finally managed to get the Stealth award, netting the high score by quite some margin.

Anyway, maybe you can suggest an even better course for the game. If so, let us know in the comments.


1 Response to “Audiosurf's Greatest Level?”

  1. 1 Izzi
    03/02/2010 at 23:51

    i certainly agree that monkey bee is a good level. I don’t know if i can better it but i can certainly mention a few more. Actually i think Pigsy in Space (on the same album) is also pretty good, it’s surprisingly fast and up and down, given that its a pretty ambient sounding track.
    I tried some tracks by an artist called Math Head. There’s a track called Parasite that is really strange to play. The tempo changes so much it’s really easy to misjudge things- Several times it moves so fast then stops so abruptly it actually felt like everything went backwards, and i knocked into greys because of it. Another old favourite is a track called Untitled by Tlon.. its very ambient but really fast, the only track i can think of that frequently goes dark red. The fastest track i’ve played is Tamphex by Aphex Twin which never gets boring for me. Theres lots of things ive played that had an amazing moment in but few that are gems throughout the whole song.

    I think my favourite audiosurf track of all time though, has gotta be Kakenrooken Stivlobits by Venetian Snares. The song makes no sense until you play it, and it seems to be made for it. I love it because it has the best of all the above, it has stages with all different gradients, really bouncey, lots of traffic and the tempo is all weird. The whole thing is shaped like a rocky hill, you go up, over the top then down and then up another rocky slope. i recommend :)

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