Hat Trick, Part 4: The Towering Pillar of Dreams

My deft salesmanship had brought me within reach of acquiring the fabled Towering Pillar of Hats. Would I be able to get the legendary headwear?


In the end it was easy; I simply posted on the trading forums that I was looking for a non-vintage Towering Pillar and was willing to pay 2 Refined Metal for it. Within 10 minutes I had an offer and the deal was done.

The non-vintage distinction is important. All items – hats and weapons – players had in their backpacks before the Mann-Conomy update became designated as ‘Vintage’. That is the only difference between them and their non-vintage counterparts. They don’t look different in game or have any special advantages – they just have an extra word in their name. Needless to say they are worth significantly more in trading. As such, if you can bear to have a non-vintage item you can usually pick stuff up for much cheaper. I’d settled on my 2 Refined price tag by noticing vintage Towering Pillars were going for 3 Refined and giving myself a discount for not being stupid.

That’s that then – I’m now going to fill out the rest of this post by talking about rare and promotional items and how you could be sitting on unknown fortunes – in TF2 at least.

Promotional Items

Every now and then TF2 gives away items for pre-ordering other games on Steam – Bill’s Hat for pre-ordering Left 4 Dead 2 for example. Due to their rarity these are now worth a ridiculous amount in trading. It’s not unusual to see them going for between 5-8 Refined Metal chunks. The same goes for the earbuds granted for signing on to the game with a Mac during the week of its Mac release. If you’ve got any of these items, you can basically take your pick of what in-game hats you want. With one exception:

Unusual Hats

I mentioned in the second post that crates have a small chance of unlocking AN EXCEEDINGLY RARE SPECIAL ITEM!!!!! This is it. Unusual hats are the regular TF2 in-game hats with an added ‘effect’. This effect can be a spinning TF2 logo, flies buzzing around the wearers head, flames or more. Essentially it’s a closed market – unusual hats tend to trade for other unusual hats and nothing else. If you do find someone trading an unusual for regular hats, the amount people offer is ridiculous. The only pre-order item that has a chance is the Severed Max Head for pre-ordering Sam & Max Series 3. Otherwise Unusuals are pretty much reserved for the hardcore traders (the ones who probably haven’t played the actual game in months) or people happy to spend all their money on crate keys.

Which about wraps up my look at trading in TF2 – as bizarre as it may be when your presented with this new ludicrous, entirely player defined, in-game economy it’s the easiest way to get a specific item. The item-drop system is entirely random and the store costs actual real world money. With a couple of forum posts and a bit of patience, however, you can easily get any weapon or hat that you desire.

Like this one.



2 Responses to “Hat Trick, Part 4: The Towering Pillar of Dreams”

  1. 1 Bill Clinton
    05/01/2011 at 19:21

    ah triple hat i haven’t seen that since a drunken night on the ranch that got out of hand.

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