Good News/Bad News: Minecraft Edition

Good News! I’m no longer going to get lost attempting to find my home after an extended cave expedition.

Bad News! My home is somewhat ‘underneath’ all that inconvenient lava. Turns out it’s not as easy to control as you might think.

Predictable Update: Rather than build a new house in the inverse shadow of my lava fountain I attempted, with typical pigheadedness, to stem the flow. At which point – with painful inevitability – I fell in and died, losing hours of neat stuff. The evidence suggesting I might, in fact, be a complete fucking moron keeps piling up.


1 Response to “Good News/Bad News: Minecraft Edition”

  1. 26/02/2011 at 01:21

    dude i told you the big pile if boiling lava on your house was a bad idea still think you should make a crazy house and get you little mine craft dude living the mind craft dream in the suburbs with a pool and some sheep to punch now and then!!

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