I've Made A LBP2 Level

There’s only so long you can play Little Big Planet 2 (LittleBigPlanet 2? LittleBigPlanet2? Can’t gaming even standardise spacing?) before you decide to have a go at building your own level, perhaps using the Top Gear rationale “how hard can it be?”

Surprisingly hard it turns out. I did it anyway. Nearly a month ago.

Since then exactly 7 people have played it. Apparently the old “if you build it, they will come” Field of Dreams misquote doesn’t apply to gaming. Shock, no? Some research uncovered a mercenary tactic used by publishers called ‘marketing’ the purpose of which appears to be persuading people to buy their game by:

  1. Letting people know said game actually exists.
  2. Exaggerating or outright misrepresenting certain aspects of that game so it will appeal to a pre-determined target audience.

Point 2 is difficult because my target audience is literally chuffing anyone, which isn’t an easy group to pigeonhole into a neat set of desired features. (Side Note: I decided I probably shouldn’t resort to my default tactic of swearing profusely in a post about LBP2 but have already had to urge to do so three times. See if you can spot where!) Point 1 is a little easier: Guys, I’ve made a level in Little Big Planet 2!

It’s called LaunchPad McQuack, and you can queue it up to play in-game here.

This is actually a significant milestone for me, as attempts in the last game to create anything never got very far. My tendency to fixate on making one particular aspect work perfectly always left me with a couple of neat prototypes but nothing actually fun to play. The same thing threatened to stop me this time as well, after I decided to play around with the ‘Sackbot’ logic tools despite nothing in the level actually needing any. (Although one of the seemingly incidental Sackbots in the level has a surprisingly complex set of behaviour patterns for a super-mysterious reason.)

The finished level is a pretty short race-to-the-top Bounce Pad obstacle course. I emphasise the ‘short’ because most of my time was spent on making the level rotate 90 degrees once you reach the midway point. My preference is to figuring things out as I go along, meaning some of the more complicated mechanical stuff took much longer than originally intended.

Amusingly I had a tester on hand, in the form of my brother, whose biggest contribution was to call me a dick until I made it easier. Further feedback indicates that I didn’t actually make it easier, he just tested it so much that he got used to it.

Anyway, the new plan is to create LaunchPad McQuack PRIME next, which will be longer, have a more forgiving difficulty curve and not feature as much of the stupid crap that took up all my time (instead having new and even more challenging stupid crap.)

Oh, and currently my brother is top of the leaderboard because he found the super-secret hidden room. This is cheating, because he saw me make the super-secret hidden room. As such, although I’m not telling you where it is, I’m letting you know: yes, there’s a super-secret hidden toom.


1 Response to “I've Made A LBP2 Level”

  1. 1 Chris
    02/04/2011 at 00:24

    This level induces massive amounts of referring to the author as a sadistic bastard, but this does add massively to the fun factor once i finally completed in for the first time (13 minutes!!!)

    I now need to do this again for some super secret hidden fun!!

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