So Tumblr seems to be the in-thing these days with people looking for shortform multimedia based blogging options that don’t require the intricacies of WordPress or – you know – basic fucking commenting options. Always one to try new social fads a good 6-12 months after everyone else (hey, at least I managed to resist Formspring) I’ve started this one:

Audio Games

3 years of copyright infringement for music posts over on Citizen 16 has, touch plastic, failed to bring about a cease and desist letter so I’m pushing my luck further by dedicating an entire blog to posting the best of game soundtracks. Here’s a sample:

Quick! Name your favourite FPS soundtrack…

Okay, that didn’t work for a number of reasons; we’re not actually having a conversation, I haven’t published this yet… well, you get the logistical problems. What I can say with confidence is were it not for the Half-Life 2 series I’d be completely unable to even think of an FPS soundtrack, let alone a good one.

Followed by an attempt to get to some sort of a point.

Hopefully by the time I’m done with it there will be an impressive collection of excellent game music (and I’m taking suggestions either by email at octaeder@citizen16.com or in the comments here.) Either that or I’ll have been sued relentlessly.


7 Responses to “Audiogames”

  1. 1 MrEff
    05/04/2011 at 22:31

    The Best of Video Game Remix is pretty good, though as the title may suggest, the tracks are remixes


    As for actual game music, Katamari Damacy and Portal both deserve a mention, as does the Jets and Guns soundtrack.

  2. 2 Issi
    06/04/2011 at 09:13

    yes katamari damacy! it must be pretty hard to write a suitable backing track to people flying around in a lake on lawn mowers but they fucking did it!

    i’m usually not very conscious of soundtracks (shows what an ignorant player i am) but the whole half life 2 + eps soundtrack is fantastic. I’m almost ashamed to admit it’s in my last.fm top 5, but not quite because it’s just that great. You can listen to it anywhere and it makes it feel like you’re playing another level of half life 2 in real life. Like one time i was pulling into coventry on the train and Eon trap or something came on and it was brilliant.

    hm, only other soundtrack i really remember noticing right now was Tropico 3, though they didn’t have many tracks so i had to find the artists’ other stuff on spotify. I don’t know if i would recommend it unless you’re planning a mojito and cigar party, but it stood out to me because i always hated latino music, but when i played that game, it just suddenly clicked with me and i couldn’t listen to it enough. I still cannot physically be depressed listening to it!

    I’m sure i’ll think of more as always. Oh also.. what about the music to rainbow unicorn attack ;)

    • 3 Issi
      06/04/2011 at 09:28

      screw that i’ve just been listening to the tropico 3 soundtracks on youtube and i would totally recommend it.

    • 4 Phil
      06/04/2011 at 12:55

      Actually, I have been playing the odd game of robot unicorn attack lately, mostly as the methodone to ween myself off my canabalt addiction.

      Although I’ve got an original music only policy so it still won’t be getting any love.

  3. 5 MrEff
    07/04/2011 at 00:04

    I feel ashamed for not bring up Rez here, in the later levels the soundtrack gets pretty weird. Also Mass Effect managed to pull of a good epic orchestral style score, and I find the Battlefield games soundtracks relaxing.

    • 6 Phil
      07/04/2011 at 00:47

      Rez has to get a mention seeing as my online username for pretty much everything comes from one of it’s tracks – Octaeder0.1. by Oval – which actually borders on the unlistenable.

  4. 05/04/2013 at 21:54

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